The Sims 4: Deluxe Edition v1.3.32.10-RELOADED

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The Sims 4: Deluxe Edition v1.3.32.10-RELOADED


In The Sims 4 no explicit story , and the gameplay is not linear and has given the ultimate goal . The player controls his own created character



In The Sims 4 no explicit story , and the gameplay is not linear and has given the ultimate goal . The player controls his own created character , directing him to perform various activities and to establish relationships with other characters similar to the real life. The game take place in fictional worlds made ​​in the spirit of modernity. They inhabited already prepared families and NPCs who live in it for a given story lines . At any point the player can take control of any family and without any restrictions in its actions to change course

Features Of Deluxe Edition

*” Digital Content ” It’s time to party ” – Includes the bar and stylish outfits for your characters .
*” Digital Content ” walk all night ” – Includes laser show , interesting decorations for holidays and stunning costumes for parties.
*” Digital content with cool hats in the form of animals – Includes collection of funny hats in the form of animals – your characters will look unforgettable!
*” Digital soundtrack The Sims 4 – Digital soundtrack with music from the game

Features Of Version

Update: 1/13/15 – Version
Happy New Year , fans Sims!

Failures / Performance
– Fixed an issue that arose after installing the patch 12/16 , which makes it impossible to upload your farm and return maps of the neighborhood. Community kindly helped us to identify the problem ( providing information and save files ) , thank you for this!
– Fixed an issue in which the game may stop responding if the player had a lot of houses and farms , rooms and objects in the library.

– The birth rate in Sims beats all records , and the twins are born everywhere! Our experts have investigated this phenomenon , amended and removed the extra children. Sims will no longer massively acquire twins (or triplets ) .
– Fixed an issue that prevented the development of career development skills properly track Sims to career goals .
– Classes at the gym will no longer be counted as a daily goal to play chess career astronaut.
– We have fixed the problem, the result of which could look like this: let’s say you have a character , let’s call him Bob , who lives in the house with the family , for example, Pupkin . You load Vasya , whose full name John Doe in the gallery , and then decides to go into the family Vasya , say, GOLUBKOV by downloading it from the Gallery , creating a character named Bob GOLUBKOV . But when you are editing Vasya GOLUBKOV creation mode Sima , then also changes the character John Doe .
– To enhance the action of ” Need a break ” @ no longer needed break , and now the information about it right is displayed in the tooltip .
– Johnny Zest will now be … Johnny Zest !
– Fixed an issue that could lead to confusion , and occurs when you try to download from the Gallery Sima family, which already had a copy of Shem .
– Fixed an issue that could lead to confusion , and occurs when you try to load a family of Galleries in such a family that already have a copy of that family.
– However , we have still not managed to avoid annoying repetitions when transferring fix problems .
– Column Venue [email protected]: Spooky returns to the directory after spending some time on rehabilitation, during which he tried to stop scaring yourself
– Designated selected and placed in the gallery , in relation to which it was possible to use the cheat move objects, will no longer be allowed to remove items after placing space.
– The National Park now has a special setting , so that the Sims that will drop back to be able to go, rather than to lose hang around without any purpose and desire ( they can even listen to music …).
– Fixed an issue that prevented users to upload a few rooms in the gallery one after the other .

Text Or Interface

– Fixed problem with focusing interface when the toolbar pipette interfere with the normal work to the eyedropper tool .
– Fixed an issue that appears when you open a modal window on top of the open window of inventory, due to which the equipment could not be displayed correctly .
– Modal window – is an element of the interface , which requires players reaction before he could return to the normal game.
– Interface – a user interface.
– User – is another name of the player, the person who uses the software.
– Software , unlike technical support , a set of instructions , in accordance with which the computer performs certain actions.
– The text will no longer be layered on itself in the phone menu , if the line is too long .
– Again you can add a description to the rooms and locations that you upload to Gallery, rather than comment on that field … I must say, it was pretty ingenious !
– You will no longer receive twice the message that you can take family leave , if you have more than one Sim at which it spreads

Year: September 2, 2014
Genre : Simulator
Developer : The Sims Studio
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Publication Type: License
Game Version :
Language: Russian , English , MULTI17
Tablet: Is present (RELOADED)

The Sims 4: Deluxe Edition v1.3.32.10-RELOADED
Size: 9.16 GB
The Sims 4 Update only v1.3.32.1010
Size: 565 MB

The Sims.4.Deluxe.Edition.v1.3.32.1010-RELOADED.iso


The Sims.4.Update.v1.3.32.1010-RELOADED.rar


The Sims.4.Update.v1.3.32.1010-RELOADED.Torrent


The Sims.4.CRACK-ONLY.v1.3.32.1010-RELOADED.rar



1.Mount image And install by running Setup.exe.
2.Copy the contents of the folder Crack in a folder with a game , along with the replacement files.

System Requirements

Operating System : Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
Processor: Dual-core processor with a frequency of 1.8 GHz
Video: 128 MB with support for Shader Model 3 (NVIDIA GeForce 6600 / ATI Radeon X1300 / Intel GMA X4500)
Free hard drive space: 9 GB

The Sims 4: Deluxe Edition v1.3.32.10-RELOADED
1.Mount image And install by running Setup.exe.
2.Copy the contents of the folder Crack in a folder with a game , along with the replacement files.
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  1. LuquinhasNoob (15 Jan 2015, 13:50)

    THANK YOU!!!!!!! You are fucking!

  2. foregrip (15 Jan 2015, 14:00)

    This release comes with ghosts, pools… etc?

  3. Mohami (15 Jan 2015, 15:18)

    Free Direct Link 100% Whit Resume :)


  4. Anony (15 Jan 2015, 16:31)

    i Click the Huge file download, it brought me to the update only download, i clicked the torrent download and it doesnt load up or give me a file… fix please?

  5. mcSkan (15 Jan 2015, 16:55)

    I have the sims 4 v1.2.16.10 can i downold this or should I downold the other patches before ?

  6. SUKI (15 Jan 2015, 17:16)

    Where is Outdoor Retreat and New Year DLC?? Fuck you!! Суки, неужели нельзя выложить??

  7. Ragnathul (15 Jan 2015, 19:27)

    Thank you very much :) I appreciate your efforts.

  8. Never Learns (15 Jan 2015, 22:51)

    Wow Suki, here they are giving you free games and you curse them out for not having exactly what you want only a few days after its release? I wish they could ban the IP address of people like you from using the website. I bet you do not even purchase the product after demanding it.

  9. Silver (16 Jan 2015, 0:32)

    Thank you very much 😀

  10. Filipe (16 Jan 2015, 1:47)

    Thank you so much! Hope you work on the Outdoor Retreat pack. Also, can you do something for the free Holiday pack? Because I need it for some stuff. Again, thank you so much!

  11. Caturday (16 Jan 2015, 8:32)

    After i applied the crack at the opening of the ts4.exe file i get the message,
    Initialization error at start up

    Anyone knows how to fix this?

  12. pyonk (16 Jan 2015, 8:48)

    Please add christmas holiday pack and also add outdoor retreat..

    Anyway thanks for upload this..I really appreciated ^^

    I wii be patience for christmas stuff pack and outdoor retreat ^^


  13. Savvas (16 Jan 2015, 12:54)

    Fix this… Update and Crack dont work. When i click TS4.exe i get black screen and then it tells me to close program.

  14. J (16 Jan 2015, 22:01)

    Do I need previous update before install this update?

  15. JohnyXX (17 Jan 2015, 13:34)

    Can you do christmas holiday pack please

  16. NanaThree (17 Jan 2015, 17:58)

    thank you very very much for the updates and see you next months for outdoor retrait
    hugs to you !

  17. CG (17 Jan 2015, 19:56)

    This is how I fixed the crash issues:

    1) I downloaded the update from hugefile
    2) Unzip
    3) The previous step gives you 4 folders (_Installer, Data, Game and Support)
    4) For each of those folders(and subfolders) I replaced every single file in the root folder of the game with the ones in the update.
    5) Copied the files from the folder crack (Download the torrent)
    6) And voilá.

  18. DizZyDiceS (18 Jan 2015, 7:54)

    I really appreciate the effort you put into these updates and cracks. Thank you very much.
    I’m really not happy with OTHERS that are stealing your work and claim it’s theirs…
    Thank you, again. I thought you gave up on Sims at one point.

  19. jenny_franko (19 Jan 2015, 1:57)

    thanks so much for the effort that you put into bringing us these amazing games and i know that the Sims 4 is a really hard game to crack but dont give up on it PLEASE i love this game and please and if you have the time please do the chrstmas and outdoor retreat game pack and again thanks so much!!

  20. danial (19 Jan 2015, 2:30)


  21. Zek (19 Jan 2015, 9:53)

    destination in the nature ?

  22. Lukys (19 Jan 2015, 17:42)

    Gracias Por el aporte!!!

  23. Annalynne (19 Jan 2015, 19:14)

    after updating the game to de newest version I can’t connect to my gallery, why?

  24. Nakashima (20 Jan 2015, 5:57)

    Hey SKIDROW, Thanks for the latest patch! does the game need the previous patch before updating the latest one?

  25. LeGnome (20 Jan 2015, 8:14)

    You’re AMAZING, guys, thanks a lot !!!

  26. Dipo (21 Jan 2015, 15:47)

    thank you guys! this is work for me! 😀

  27. Filipe (21 Jan 2015, 16:26)

    I forgot to add one thing, which I’m actually sad: before, I had access through my account when online and I could upload my creations and download stuff from other users at the Gallery, now I can’t do none of these, neither I can go online, because first, the username is under the name of RLD! instead of mine, and second, it takes forever to go online! Also, my creations is under the same username instead of mine. I know I can’t buy the original game yet, but I really wanted to get some stuff from the Gallery :(

  28. Simmer (23 Jan 2015, 3:20)

    My deluxe items are disabled with the iso of rld-thesims4.iso when they worked before how do I get my deluxe items to work again? Thank you.

  29. Perla (24 Jan 2015, 0:03)

    Awesoomeee!! 😀 I’m already downloading, thank you so much!

  30. elelellle (24 Jan 2015, 14:29)

    Can you please publish outdoor retreat for sims? would be awesome, thank you for your work :) :*

  31. marvin (25 Jan 2015, 22:12)

    Please bring us the christmas DLC as well as the Outdoor retreat!

  32. yo m7 (02 Feb 2015, 18:37)

    the instructions for installing this don’t make much sense. where the fuck do i put things? what do i open? the game simply won’t work and i have no idea what to do

  33. Someone (12 Feb 2015, 11:39)

    I downloaded torrent and it worked perfect , i don’t know about your problems but first check system req: CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 or AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+ (2.0 GHz Dual Core required if using integrated graphics)
    RAM: 2 GB
    OS: Windows XP
    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or ATI Radeon X1300 or Intel GMA X4500
    Sound Card: Yes
    Free Disk Space: 10 GB

    Then do everything nice and slow and you are done . btw im using windows 8.1

  34. Geo (16 Feb 2015, 1:31)

    I tried to install it but everytime i try to play with crack it always have msvcp120.dll error.. but when I use the original .exe it doesnt have error.. if anyone know how to fix it? thanks.. i tried the latest update.. it is still same.

    Im using Windows 8.1

  35. Svlad (19 Feb 2015, 13:23)

    Super! Все работает. И даже с поддержкой сетевого контента идет, если в Ориджине зарегистрировался и запустил его заранее!

  36. Anon (22 Feb 2015, 9:59)

    how To download from hugefiles?

  37. Caitlyn (06 Mar 2015, 20:27)

    It keeps giving me an “initialization error at startup.” Help, anyone?

  38. Sapir (07 Mar 2015, 20:48)

    Do they have pools here?

  39. DaHaVe (09 Mar 2015, 15:12)

    I am getting application error 0xc000007b, how can i fix this

  40. Q (15 Mar 2015, 18:27)

    it does no have mods file..
    how can i add cc..??

  41. Durga (18 Mar 2015, 17:01)

    Hey guys,

    I was also getting error 0xc000007b and initialization start-up error, mscvp120.dll and such but not anymore. So, I have done some experimenting and found solutions to major issues faced by people here. These are steps to be followed if you want it work:

    I installed the Main Game after installing C++ from 2005 – 2013 (just do both 32 and 64 bit, if you like) in order with restarts (took care of .dll issue). The next step was to copy paste the Holiday Celebration and Outdoor Retreat folder in Program Files(x86)/The Sims 4 folder like mentioned. After that, I updated the Sims 4 to v1.4.83.1010 and pasted over the crack from update folder to original bin folder.

    Works!! ;D And, going to play now to see if everything is working.

    Note: The files (The Sims 4 Reloaded, The Sims 4 v1.4.83.1010 DLC Reloaded and The Sims 4 Holiday Celebration and Outdoor Retreat) were all downloaded from here.

  42. Mrmedk (23 Mar 2015, 19:51)

    I have en error with Origin is required to play.. How do i get around that? 😀

  43. heheho (25 Mar 2015, 14:06)

    I get this error messgage 0xc00007b, how do i fix that? :)

  44. asdada (28 Mar 2015, 20:21)

    when i copy the crack to the sims 4 folder and i click,it keeps getting “msvcp120.dll is missing”.and when i click the original it links to my origin and want an activation code.Please help me!!!

  45. asdada (28 Mar 2015, 20:21)

    i already installed the latest C++ and it DID NOT WORK.Please help!!!

  46. asdada (28 Mar 2015, 20:22)

    my problem maybe the same as Geo’s problem

  47. ZionBeast (29 Mar 2015, 10:58)

    Hi! Does anyone know what to do when you launch the game then the MSVP.dll file is missing? Help!!

  48. FATESTALKER (30 Mar 2015, 11:07)

    okay everyone ( who has problem and everything).
    well, I actually had the same problem like all of you here, but guess what. .when you know what to do, it was really a bit easy.
    So heres what I did:
    1. I installed the game
    2. copy the cracked folder
    3. and I enjoyed it
    haha. .I know, I know, I didnt really explained anything did I.. I was kidding.
    1. *IF you have a missing .dll or what ever that is, GOOGLE is your friend.
    or you can go here ( )
    Its from google, thank him. 😛
    2. *IF you don’t know where to paste that cracking folder, you only need to go here:
    Program files > Sims 4 > Game > Bin
    and copy the three files inside the cracked folder bin, to the bin of sims 4.
    3. *IF you receive an error that says, “Cant Start Up game, Damage Files” or something beyond
    line, then please don’t hesitate to do the Second IF.
    4. *IF you still have problems, then please ask google, his your only friend.
    5. *AND IF you don’t like google, the you have problems dude.

    okay.. hope it help a liitle to the others.

  49. Stach (02 Apr 2015, 12:36)

    I have problem ClientFullBuild7.package,help

  50. testis (04 Apr 2015, 8:04)

    can somebody help?i have the problem like this

    Unable to start :
    the content of your user data directory were created by a newer versions of The Sims 4 and cannot be loaded.pease update your game via Origin to play.

    i don’t have origin in my computer
    i do exactly like that

  51. Maxwis (06 Apr 2015, 16:31)

    I just downloaded this release and everything seemed to work, but I have some trouble with travelling. Everytime when I travel somewhere, or get back home, or just stay in community lot, my game just crashes. Is there any fixes for this?

  52. wsodu (09 Apr 2015, 16:19)


  53. dani (18 Apr 2015, 22:27)

    missing MSVCP120.dll error can anybody help?

  54. Alexander (21 Apr 2015, 12:13)

    Can I get online on the Sims 4 with this crack?

  55. Justin (26 Apr 2015, 3:02)

    Does anybody know how to go the gallery? Please i need help!

  56. Penny (28 Apr 2015, 9:05)

    Do I need to download the update? I clicked it to download it, but it said that the torrent was deleted. :/ Plus, I already downloaded the other version (v. the DLC one. Do I still need to download the update here? Or not anymore? PLEASE ANSWER. :(

  57. tot (30 Apr 2015, 4:50)

    HELP! i need seeders~upload speed 1.5kb,huhuhu

  58. Victoria (04 May 2015, 11:28)

    Dear genius, please, give us the right link to “update only”!
    Thank you!

  59. kev (04 May 2015, 18:09)

    activation key?

  60. Abididoo (05 May 2015, 1:03)

    Update only link doesn’t work.
    Fix soon please?

  61. gabi (05 May 2015, 11:55)

    e fain jocu

  62. Paula (09 May 2015, 0:46)

    How do I connect it to the gallery? I tried but it still won’t connect. Even though I am connected online in both the game and origin.

  63. lkhgljhgjkhgklj (14 May 2015, 21:48)

    Is it possible ther is a trojan in the package?

  64. Mason (19 May 2015, 0:09)

    Thank you alot . iam downloading it right now . hope the best for ya keep up the good work :)

  65. Lucia (20 May 2015, 23:52)




    For the windows update diagnostic just follow the intructions on the website

    See when my windows updated by itself, thats when my game would not run without orgin. I TRIED EVEYRTHING FOR MONTHS!

    But then I was playing a game on STEAM and the game would not run, then I was trying to figure out how to get it to run. It told me to make sure your comp was up to date and that drivers where not corrupted blah blah.

    So I ran these two programs and my steam game did not work (It worked after I installed c++2005 and 2008 and 2012 w/e) but my sims 4 now works!!!

    So this has to work!!!


    and make sure you have c++ 2005/2008/2012 HECK JUST HAVE THEM ALL!!!

    Good luck.

  66. Lucia (21 May 2015, 0:18)















    See my sims 4 worked just fine but then my windows performed an automatic update which started up my orgin that I had installed and it updated too!

    Then my sims 4 would not run without origin which means I could not play the new DC

    So after running these programs, my game finally started up without origin! Dont ask me the details all I know is it worked for me!!! after I tried everything for months!!

    Something was corrupted in my .net or maybe there was a hidden virus the tdsskiller.exe program got rid of! I don’t know!

    Just make sure if you have Oirgin installed after this and the sims 4 works GET RID OF ORIGIN ASAP INCASE IT DECIDES TO UPDATE ITSELF AND YOUR BACK TO SQUARE ONE!

    (Also on a side note make sure you have every single visual c++ program installed too! Like the 2004/2005/2012/2013 ect. Just make sure there all in there and if they ARE delete them all and reinstall them just in case!)

    I did ALL of these things today and now my sims 4 works so I hope it works for you too! GOOD LUCK!!!

  67. Feliks (21 May 2015, 15:07)

    is this a trusted torrent?

  68. Dr Ban (24 May 2015, 2:51)


  69. Andre (08 Jun 2015, 18:03)

    It ask me for actviaton code origin. PLZ HELP! I did all but still ask me!!! I tryed to uninstall origin but it don’t work without. So…….HELP PLZ!!!!

  70. Bridge (11 Jun 2015, 8:11)

    To those of you having the [d6f91ffb:29f00e76:0000000] error:
    1) Go to My Documents.
    2) Find the Electronic Arts folder and rename it anything.
    3) Run The Sims 4
    4) Enjoy!!

    That’s it. I’m not shitting you. It’s that simple.

  71. sincere thanks from a fan :D (12 Jun 2015, 15:54)

    you are amazing. you know that right?

  72. Roby Salita (15 Jun 2015, 1:47)

    Thanks for download !!! i like the sims 4 verry verry thanks for this website!!!! :)

  73. Ja (15 Jun 2015, 11:19)

    I’m really sorry to trouble you, I’m really new in this cracking of games. So… can anyone teach me how to MOUNT the image and the .exe part? Please??? Thank you :) I hope you could teach me precisely in layman’s term

  74. Nur (16 Jun 2015, 23:14)

    thank you man for uploading this but it seems like icant mount the image, i can but when i want to install it the image somehow unmount it automaticly and i have to abort the install, please help me man thanks

  75. rem (17 Jun 2015, 21:37)

    the update link is dead

  76. Mesansim (27 Jun 2015, 7:41)

    ummm it says i need origin,so when i dld origin it said i need a product code.HELPPPLP

  77. Jade (27 Jun 2015, 13:12)

    It says i require a product code?

  78. Matt (27 Jun 2015, 18:39)


  79. jeff (28 Jun 2015, 7:34)

    Thanks, Worked Perfectly

  80. Lolz (02 Jul 2015, 21:52)

    Can you please tell me the Product Code? I really need it!! PLZ I BEG YOU.

  81. hfhdgfjkd (06 Jul 2015, 11:31)


  82. ANA MASRY (07 Jul 2015, 8:20)

    unable to start:

    the contents of your user data directory were created by newer version of the sims 4 and cannot be loaded.please update your game via Origin to play


  83. ANA MASRY (07 Jul 2015, 8:20)

    how to fix it
    unable to start:

    the contents of your user data directory were created by newer version of the sims 4 and cannot be loaded.please update your game via Origin to play


  84. novia (08 Jul 2015, 4:18)

    When ever I try to play it,it keeps going to origin pls fix

  85. Ezequiel Campos (15 Jul 2015, 19:37)

    the game works fine, best site to download games! BR hu3 hu3

  86. Hailey (28 Jul 2015, 1:21)

    All I’m seeing when I go to download is “Item not available
    The item is not available due to issues with the item’s content.”

  87. ilyes 007 (07 Aug 2015, 15:49)

    if you are seeing the sims 4 version outdated just go to documents/electronic arts/the sims 4 and delete game version file

  88. Lisa Lee (14 Aug 2015, 10:08)

    haii can i ask .. i alrdy setup sims 4 from cd .. but i dont know how to crack file .. can u help me ?

  89. si-dzej (19 Sep 2015, 20:17)

    When i tryed copy crack folder to game folder it said me i dont have permision to do this could you tell me why?

  90. Jiji (30 Sep 2015, 9:23)

    I downloaded it and enoy playing it currently, and im thinking about adding fun mod in this sims4 but when i tried some mod i downloaded,it didnt show at all, can someone help me,i really want to play awesome,custom content mod T__T, or someone downloaded from here and play with mods,can help me?

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