Evolve Monster Race Edition incl DLC Multi2-REPACK


Evolve Monster Race Edition incl DLC Multi2-REPACK


Evolve is the winner of over 60 awards making it the most award winning game coming in 2015….



Evolve is the winner of over 60 awards making it the most award winning game coming in 2015. Most notably, Evolve is the first game to win both the official E3 and Gamescom Best of Show awards in the same year.

In a savage world of man vs nature, are you the hunter or the hunted? Turtle Rock Studios bring you Evolve, the next-generation of multiplayer shooters where four hunters face-off against a single, player-controlled monster. Stalk your prey, execute your attack and prove you are the apex predator in adrenaline-pumping 4V1 matches.

Title: Evolve Monster Race Edition
Genre: Action
Developer: Turtle Rock Studios
Publisher: 2K
Release Date: 9 Feb, 2015
Game Version : 1.0
Language : English, Russian
Language voice : English, Russian
Tablet : enclosing (CODEX)

::RePack Features::

• It is based on a licensed version of the game.
• Do not cut / no recoded.
        DLC Included ◄
                •Monster Expansion Pack
                •Evolve Hunting Season Pass
                •Savage Goliath Skin
• RePack by RG Steamgames.

Evolve Monster Race Edition incl DLC Multi2-REPACK
Size: 23.86 GB







    • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo E6600 / Athlon 64 X2 6400
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 / ATI Radeon HD 5770
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Hard Drive: 50 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compliant Sound card


    • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
    • Processor: Core i7-920 / A8-3870K
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 / ATI Radeon R9 280
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Hard Drive: 50 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compliant Sound card

Evolve Monster Race Edition incl DLC Multi2-REPACK
1. Install
2. Play
Posted by Skidrow


  1. MoriKo (20 Mar 2015, 21:51)

    If you have the problem where you won’t get past the title screen, caused by login failure…follow the steps below: 1. go to install folder and open file ‘codex.ini’ 2. search for ‘AccountId=0’ and remove the ‘#’ at the start of the line. 3. save the file and run the .exe again. There you go!!

  2. random (21 Mar 2015, 14:52)

    thank you for the upload but the torrent link is not working, it say file was deleted

  3. Espada (22 Mar 2015, 2:18)

    Will this have Spanish voice and text?

  4. DayG (25 Mar 2015, 4:47)

    Got the game and confirmed it works. What Moriko said is right. if you cannot get pass screen go to your bin64 steam retail and chancge the codex.ini.

    remobe # from start of AccountID=0

  5. dodomasry (25 Mar 2015, 13:58)

    the game works fine but sadly there is no multiplayer :(
    and yeah u need to do whats in the first comment

  6. sebas (25 Mar 2015, 20:43)

    quiero el juego

  7. elo (27 Mar 2015, 1:14)

    Try tunngle for lan play if they do it

  8. Omashu (29 Mar 2015, 23:18)

    Works Great! Awesome upload!

  9. terminator8456 (30 Mar 2015, 15:04)

    i have problem when i want to start the game it show me thad error msvcp110.dll is missing form your computer i truai to reinstal all the programs but it dont work pls tell me how to fix this prblem

  10. Jairus (31 Mar 2015, 2:14)

    i’m still waiting for the ftp link, this site by far is the best! gonna leave my review once I get it.

  11. Omashu (31 Mar 2015, 21:09)

    Downloaded and installed last week. Works fine!
    Is it possible to enable the 4th monster of the latest dlc that came out yesterday?

  12. Jairus (02 Apr 2015, 14:46)

    i’m still waiting for ftp link, is it really uploading? please don’t skip on this maybe you’ve forgotten nooooooooo

  13. terminator8456 (02 Apr 2015, 16:20)

    pls help me with this error msvcp110.dll is missing from your computer how to fix it

  14. mozeph (04 Apr 2015, 1:25)

    there is an error when installing unarc.dll

  15. T_Tadis (04 Apr 2015, 11:50)

    I do not know whether I should be able to multiplayer.
    Please help me!

  16. croSD (09 Apr 2015, 17:40)

    Got a problem, game starts loading n like at 25% it crashes n i got message box: [PlayerProfile] CGameContext::StartGame: No users logged in

    Any solution to that?

  17. mitchell (12 Apr 2015, 3:25)

    is there any controller support

  18. Hellyeah (21 Apr 2015, 1:33)

    How do i get the DLC to work, it says purchased in store, but there are no new hunters, just the skins

  19. Kemal (01 May 2015, 8:03)

    One ftp link please.

  20. Jull (05 May 2015, 14:42)

    Please one ftp link :(

  21. Alex (23 May 2015, 17:04)

    Thanks for the upload. Does anyone know how to get Behemoth?

  22. Axel (29 May 2015, 21:07)

    You should really put a link for the DLC’s only… i downloaded the game already… no need to do that only for the dlc’s

  23. Robert (31 May 2015, 7:55)

    You should put dlc’s only, i just need that

  24. Ardnstiff (31 May 2015, 17:30)

    Great upper. Many thanks

  25. Andresflux (02 Jun 2015, 15:42)

    Lo descargue, pero no tiene voces y texto en español, AYUDA

  26. devil (20 Jun 2015, 1:31)

    can i play this game offline mode?

  27. TrialMacameau (03 Jul 2015, 8:21)

    @devil => Just click the Solo and select the mode you want

  28. Luucy (04 Jul 2015, 11:09)

    Hey everyone, the thing is I don’t find the way to install the DLC, there is something to change in the file “codex.ini” ? Cause when I apply ” DLCunlockall=1″ it says that I have purchased all the skins and stuff in store but not the Hunting Season Pass, and I can’t find the Behemoth…
    Sorry for my English Guys
    Please help me I’m really desesperate

  29. Steev (14 Jul 2015, 22:31)

    Did anyone figure out how to enable the DLC?

  30. Claire (26 Jul 2015, 6:00)

    how to enable dlc

  31. jubairezio (07 Aug 2015, 16:12)

    yes how to unlock the behemoth dlc

  32. Le spectre (12 Aug 2015, 19:31)

    they said the MSVCP110.dll isn’t on my computer and say to reinstall the program

  33. jubairezio (22 Aug 2015, 2:17)

    can you guys please tell us that if this doesent have dlc the which repack has all dlc

  34. Hmz (22 Aug 2015, 16:29)

    Saving doesn’t work, what a shame. I would have loved to continue to play.

  35. jazz (27 Aug 2015, 9:14)

    i can’t save my codex.ini , it said “refused”

  36. Fleetwood (10 Oct 2015, 22:40)

    For those who cant edit the codex.ini. in x86 (win 10 in my case)
    1. Open the codex.ini as stated in 1st post.
    2. Save the folder as codex.ini at desktop without changes
    3. Open the file, make the changes as the first post stated (# from account id)
    4. Also change language from russian to english in same folder
    5. Save
    6. Copy the file from desktop to C:/x
    7. Enjoy and drink beer

  37. Exvator (29 Oct 2015, 23:55)

    When I started playing I went to play as behemoth but It wasn`t there I`m I supposed to unlock it or something like others of I do I couldn`t see it with the lock on it like the others when you first play it

  38. rebal (06 Nov 2015, 1:20)

    Hi first time been here any chance of a repack of skyrim legendary edition

  39. Ninjester (19 Dec 2015, 15:09)

    how can we acces the dlc? behemoth is not enabled and what about the newest updates?

  40. local_DNS (25 Dec 2015, 6:27)

    guys how to make the dlc work

  41. Tyikki (01 Jan 2016, 13:49)

    Please release the new DLC’s

  42. Tony Yang (06 Jan 2016, 22:37)

    Hi,,Please upload the DLC only pelase..thanks a lot

  43. Raul G (29 Mar 2016, 20:08)

    Please, how i can run the dlc, specially the Behemoth dlc. I cant Play with this monster, i want really play with him.

  44. L.S.D25 (11 Apr 2016, 0:27)

    after pressing enter to start in the intro video it shows me “singning in as codex”

    then it apears:

    My 2k status – There currently is an issue with your evolve account. Please contact customer service at support.2k.com

    anyone know how to fix this ?

  45. L.S.D25 (11 Apr 2016, 6:10)

    ok i figured that one looks like i have to disable internet connections first.
    sorry for double posting.

    Thanks !

  46. Raul G (07 May 2016, 14:21)

    Una pregunta, saldran los DLC nuevos?
    A question, the new Dlc´s? upload please

  47. tacthose (11 Jun 2016, 11:14)

    Why is it impossible to play multiplayer ?

  48. Tia Durer (20 Jul 2016, 8:13)

    Why no dlc :( what have u write ?? Monster expansion, hunting season pass?? i dont see them -_-

  49. George (21 Sep 2016, 16:54)

    thx MoriKo without you i couldn’t play this awersome game.

  50. Emm (18 Dec 2016, 9:40)

    anyone mind uploading their setup.exe?
    the setup.exe seems to be missing from the download folder.

  51. Karl (07 Jan 2017, 11:51)

    Does this DLC’s have BEHEMOTH? :(

    Add more DLC’s please…. </3

  52. SAMSON (21 Feb 2017, 22:49)

    Can you please add regular download ftp link. Not a torrent link.
    Please split into 4GB parts. And add a separate link for the DLC alone
    alone for those who already downloaded the full game.

  53. Harp (21 Feb 2017, 22:53)

    FTP link is dead. Re-upload please.

  54. Spider (22 Feb 2017, 21:16)

    please put up direct link for Monster Pack DLC
    alone. Or re-Upload FTP link to game.

  55. Nadeem (16 Apr 2017, 16:44)

    THE FILE DOES NOT EXIST IN THIS SERVER >>>>> Their is no file !!!!!

  56. GreyHat (11 Jul 2017, 6:37)

    hello kind sir skidrow

    if you can please update the link because it is dead

    thank in advance

  57. Diego (24 Jun 2018, 20:19)

    Links are broken…. can you please repost??? just torrent is fine

  58. Kevin (09 Nov 2018, 10:29)

    Please upload a torrent link

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